Certified polymer testing laboratory  is a state-of-the-art laboratory. The laboratory has a technical staff with extensive experience in plastics testing, additive and color technology, and chemical analysis.
The certified plastics testing laboratory has the expertise to develop required test methods.

The laboratory is also A2LA accredited under ISO 17025 (Certificate # 2844.01)

Our Services

The laboratory is equipped with testing equipment for :

1. Plastics testing including density, melt flow rate, vicat softening point, tensile properties, flexural properties, impact properties, and heat deflection temperature.
2. Weathering testing including Xenon weathering, QUV weathering, and heat aging.
3. Flame testing including vertical and horizontal flame testing and limited oxygen index.
4. Chemical analysis including spectroscopy (FTIR, NIR, UV-Vis), X-ray fluorescence, and HPLC-MS.
5. Film testing including tensile properties, slip properties, antistat testing, antifog testing, and optical properties.
6. Color testing including reflectance, transmission color readings, and gloss values.
7. Thermal testing including melting point, OIT, and thermogravimetric analysis.